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To make an impact, you may want to know some vital information about our County’s codes, animal control, and garbage. Click and look around here… see anything that needs to be addressed on your road or neighborhood? Your county officials are paid to enforce these codes. What is the point of having ordinances if they are not going to be enforced?

  • All Yakima County Codes
  • Animal Control Codes 8.36.010 Purpose of Provisions.“Human experience benefits in many ways by the companionship and service of dogs. In order to obtain such benefits, dogs must be kept responsibly by people. When people fail to keep dogs responsibly, the community may be subjected to nuisances and health problems. The purpose of the dog control ordinance codified in this chapter is to strike a balance between the rights and responsibilities of dog owners and the community at large so that the community can both enjoy the benefits of responsible dog ownership and avoid problems which arise when dogs are not properly cared for.”
  • Codes pertaining to illegal dumping

And This~

9.52.010 Throwing or Dropping Glass or Debris Upon or Along Highways, Roads or Parks – Penalty.

No person shall throw or drop any glass object, debris or any waste from any vehicle, upon or along the right-of-way of any public highway, road, or in any public park except into a receptacle or litter container.

Any fine or penalty imposed under this provision may be suspended upon the condition that the violator pick up and remove from any public street or highway or road or right-of-way or public park, any or all debris and waste deposited thereon by prior users. The extent of the area to be so policed shall be within the discretion of the court.

Again~What is the point of having ordinances if they are not going to be enforced?

Let’s build a better future for Yakima County.