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My Name is Cindy O’Halloran, I was a candidate for Yakima County Commissioner 2020

I’ve revised my campaign site to more of an informational site. I hope this site will inspire more folks to check out what Yakima County is SUPPOSED to be doing for you.

Check the Important Links page… Look around~ See something~ Say something~

What is the point of having ordinances if they are not going to be enforced?

Are you letting your pets roam? In estrus? I doubt it but if your neighbor is, let the Animal Control officer know! This is against county ordinances. So many blights that we think are ok and normal and we just deal with could be changed if we would just speak up. Get the word out. It is not ok to allow pets to roam, leave pets behind, dump pets, litter, dump trash.

Come on County! Do a campaign to Spread the Word!

“Keep your pets at home and your trash to yourself!”

Yakima County relies on hundreds of volunteers to do the work of animal control for them. The 1 and only Animal Control officer in Yakima County regular response to stray dogs is to have the dog shot.

Folks need to know before their animal is subject to being shot, that they are not allowed to let dogs roam in the first place. If they are no longer able to care for their pet/s there a many rescues willing to help but, it is on volunteer’s schedule, not the person in need. It takes time and patience to own a pet, it also takes time and patience to re-home a pet. DON’T DUMP YOUR PETS! Call a pet rescue, there are plenty here in our county because there are far too many dumped pets.

Should the volunteers who work hundreds of hours helping pets in need also be the ones who have to educate the county on what the ordinances are? NO! We are way in over our heads just dealing with the fallout of people not understanding proper pet care and how to get help if they need it. We’re spinning our wheels, doing the same thing over and over again. We need prevention over reaction! The county needs to help get the word out.

A caring County would also help reduce the amount of unwanted litters of cats and dogs in our county by sponsoring low-cost spay and neuter clinics on a regular basis~ We can dream but, that dream is a reality in many areas in our state and country.

Check the Important Links page~

Thank you~